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Hydraulic press special for drawing of auto vertical and horizontal beams




The hydraulic press applies to the technology of drawing auto vertical and horizontal beams, and also the compression molding, correction and other technologies of other sheet metal. The hydraulic press has independent actuating mechanism and electrical system and uses PLC control technology and advanced ¡°human-computer interface¡± operation and control so that the two modes of operation of manual adjustment and semi-automatic can be achieved.


The working pressure, pressing speed and stroke range of hydraulic pressure can be adjusted based on technological requirements, and rotary encoder is used to achieve the automatic feedback control of slider stroke and ensure the consistency in operation of the slider. In addition, there is hydraulic tightening device.


The lathe uses three-beam twelve-column structure, the three beans use welded beam concurrent ageing treatment, and the machine body has sufficient rigidity and strength. The operation space is spacious and easy for observation of surroundings and installation and commissioning of die, and the appearance is beautiful. The hydraulic system uses the combination of integrated cartridge system and integrated plate valve, which can achieve the requirements of large flow rate and high synchronization accuracy. In addition, the structure is simple and impact and the action is sensitive and reliable, which is easy for fault diagnosis and removal.