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YH48 series hydraulic press special for gantry framework

Performance features:

This series of hydraulic presses use computer optimal design with Gantry framework for structural form. The hydraulic control system uses cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action, long practical life and small hydraulic impact, and the oil pump generator unit of inhead type reduces the oil leakage of linking pipeline. With independent electrical control system, PLC control, sensitive and reliable in work, specific technological requirements, and having mode of single cycle operation by both hands. The working pressure and slide stroke can be adjusted and selected in the specified range.


Applicable fields:

This series of hydraulic presses apply to compression forming technology of irregular parts, especially for compression, molding and process of panel for manufacturing irregular parts in shipbuilding industry and container.


Optional accessories:

● Moveable Pressure Head  ● Rotatable Pressure Head  ● Movable Operating Platform  ● Rotatable Operating Platform  ● Light Curtain Safety Protection  ● Workpiece Conveying Roller Device