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YH97 series water-rise hydraulic press

Performance features:

This series of hydraulic presses are composed of four major parts of main engine, actuating mechanism, electrical control system and water increase tank. The main engine uses three-beam four-column structure, the actuating mechanism is composed of integrated valve plate and pipeline connections, and the main engine is actuated by button via PLC for centralized control of solenoid valve. The electrical control system uses the imported PLC components, controls the sequence and self-locking of actions of solenoid valve, and meanwhile have the overload protection and short circuit protection system. The water increase tank produces water expansion force through fluid energy conversion to achieve the expansion technology of any die cavity. This series of hydraulic presses have the unique feature of water expansion and molding and apply to expansion technology mainly for stainless steel products, especially for high efficiency of production of auto tail exhaust pipes, vacuum cup and coffee pot. It also has technology of constant stroke and constant pressure with a wide range of applications.


Technology actions:

Fast unloading, slow unloading, die assembly, pressure maintaining, pressure boost, decompression, die opening and removal of embryo. The hydraulic pressure is reliable in action and easy for operation and maintenance, and the ideal equipment for production of automobile tail pipes and vacuum cups.


Technical Parameters: