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YH58 series four-column special hydraulic press for SMC and BMC

Performance features:

The four-column type or frame type structure can be used for machine body; the four-column structure is simple, economical and practical; the frame type pull rod pre-tightening structure has high precision, good rigidity, quadrangle and octahedral guide rail, high guiding accuracy and powerful anti-eccentric load; the independent electrical control system achieves PLC computer control, which is divided into electronic control and numerical control based on control mode. The hydraulic control system uses cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action, long service life and small hydraulic impact, reduces linking pipeline and leaking points, and is reliable in work, intuitive in action and easy for maintenance. The button centralized control is used. Two operation modes of Adjusting (inching) and Single (semi-automatic) are set. Two molding technologies of constant stroke and constant pressure can be achieved, with performance of exhaust from die cavity (adjustable for number of times), shutdown for pressure maintaining, pressure maintaining and time delay, temperature during product molding, curing time, pressure value and speed control, etc. The working pressure and stroke are adjustable in the specified range based on technological needs.


Applicable fields:

This series of hydraulic presses apply to guided missile wing and advanced capabilities radar covers; guard shield of automobile chassis, body panel, front splash guard, air deflector for truck, body panel and shell, bumper; distribution boxes and doors, inspection well cover, FRP pipeline couplings, tees, flanges, valve plates, indicators, etc.; fan blade of cooling tower, corrosion-resistant equipment, floors, FRP air-conditioner bracket; electrical work and electrical appliances: insulator, arrester, ammeter box, high-tension switch shell and insulation board; other fields: compression molding of FRP tanks, hatch covers, expressway, bridge guardrail, seat, bathtub, wash basin, whole bathtub, sliding plate, surfboard, rowboats and motorboats and other products.


Optional accessories:

● Control System of Electric Heating Tube  ● Conduction Oil Mold Temperature Machine  ● Multicircuit Control of Core-pulling Cylinder  ● Movable Operating Platform  ● Light Curtain Safety Protection Device  ● Oil Cooling Device    ● Touch Industrial Display    ● Material Ramming Device

● Quick Fie Clamping Mechanism ● Imported PLC  ● Floating Guide Rail and Rolling Bracket for Die Replacement 

● Inhead Type Hydraulic System  ● Slider Locking Mechanism  ● NC System

● Setting Die Opening outside Mold and Air Injection Demolding Technology 


Technical Parameters: