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YH41 series single-column hydraulic press

Performance features:

The single-column hydraulic press with C-type single-arm structure for body uses carbon-dioxide arc welding for welding, and is treated by high-temperature tempering furnace after welding to eliminate the internal stress of the rack after welding. The hydraulic system is located in the body, with good appearance and easy operation.


Applicable fields:

It mainly applies to correction, drawing, molding, compression molding and other technologies of metal materials, as well as correction of shaft parts, press-fitting of sleeve parts and shaping, trimming and other technologies of metal products.


Optional accessories:

This series of hydraulic presses have independent hydraulic and electrical control systems and uses button centralized control to achieve two molding technologies of constant stroke and constant pressure with functions of pressure display, stroke and pressure adjustment, etc. In addition, this series has guide pillar for guiding, thus improving the accuracy of products, and the guide pillar and piston rod are given surface hard chromium plating treatment after quenching to ensure the abrasion resistance and better roughness of the surface. The oil pump inlet is equipped with unique filtration device to ensure the service life of oil pump and valve. The oil way connections use imported high-pressure hose to greatly reduce machine noise. In addition, the imported PLC, grating protection, human-computer interface (touch screen) and other advanced components can be configured based on user requirements. For the special requirements of customers, we can make special design and production to meet the production technological requirements of customers to the maximum extent.


Operation Schematic Diagram :






Technical Parameters: