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YH34 series frame type hydraulic press

Performance features:

 with computer optimal structural design and full steel plate welded frame structure; using button centralized control with two operation modes of Manual Adjustment and Semi-automatic (Constant Stroke Single and Constant Pressure Single); high guiding accuracy and powerful anti-eccentric load; fast slider running speed and high work efficiency; the working pressure of slider, no-load downward stroke at fast speed and stroke range of feeding at low speed can be adjusted based on technology needs.


Applicable fields:

mainly applicable to hardware products, molding of products of embossing, laminating, reforming and cold extruding and other industries, technology of bottom of non-stick pan, technology of stainless sheet iron of aluminum pot and non-stick pan for induction cooker.


Optional accessories:

The independent filtering and cooling device and photoelectric protection device can be provided.


Operation Schematic Diagram: 

Technical Parameters: