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YH32 series four-column hydraulic press

Performance features:

Three-beam four-column structure, optimal design by computer, simple, economical and applicable. The hydraulic control system uses cartridge valve integrated system, which has reliable action, long service life and small hydraulic impact and reduces linking pipeline and leaking points. The independent electrical control system is reliable in work, intuitive in action and easy for maintenance. The button centralized control is used. Two operation modes of Adjusting (inching) and Single (semi-automatic) are set. Two molding technologies of constant stroke and constant pressure can be achieved, with performance of pressure maintaining and time delay, etc. The working pressure and stroke are adjustable in the specified range based on technological needs.


Applicable fields:

This series of hydraulic presses are widely used for drawing, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, blanking, and other technologies of metal materials, as well as the compression molding of correction, press-fitting and powder products and abrasive products.


Optional accessories:

● Blanking Buffer Device  ● Movable Operating Platform  ● Light Curtain Safety Protection Device   ● Oil Cooling Device

● Touch Industrial Display ● Material Ramming Device ● Quick Fie Clamping Mechanism ● Imported PLC

● Floating Guide Rail and Rolling Bracket for Die Replacement   ● Inhead Type Hydraulic System  ● Slider Locking Mechanism  


Operation Schematic Diagram:



Technical Parameters: