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YH28 (K) series four-column and frame type double-action hydraulic drawing press

Performance features:

Optimal design by computer, and four-column type or frame type structure for machine body; simple, economical and practical for four-column structure; high precision, good rigidity, quadrangle and octahedral guide rail, high guiding accuracy and powerful anti-eccentric load for frame type pull rod pre-tightening structure; new cylinder sealing elements with high reliability and long service life; movable operating platform convenient for die replacement; drawing and blankholder sliders can be connected together by locating pin to achieve single-action technology action and mechanical and hydraulic integration safety device, such as excellent safety for the lower cavity supporting loop of the oil cylinder, interlocking loop of upper cavity and lower cavity of the oil cylinder and others; imported PLC for control and highly sensitive in work.


Applicable fields:

This series of hydraulic presses apply to all deep-drawing technologies, especially for the following fields: various containers (stainless steel, aluminum, enamel bath, pressure vessels and stainless steel washing tank); various auto covering parts; parts of household appliances; kitchen utensils; tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, aircraft watch, chemical industry and other industries.


Optional accessories:

● Blanking Buffer Device  ● Slider Proportion Speed Regulation Device  ● Blankholder Slider Proportion Speed Regulation Device 

● Light Curtain Safety Protection Device    ● Oil Cooling Device Die Protection Device  ● Displacement Sensing Device 

● Touch Industrial Display  ● Material Ramming Device (Hydraulic or Mechanical)  ● Floating Guide Rail and Rolling Bracket for Die Replacement, Quick Die Clamping Mechanism, Lubricating Device.


Operation Schematic Diagram: 




Technical Parameters: