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YH27 (K) series single-action sheet hydraulic drawing (stamping) press

Performance features:

Optimal design by computer, and four-column type or frame type structure for machine body; simple, economical and practical for four-column structure; good structure rigidity, high precision and powerful anti-eccentric load for frame type structure; using cartridge integrated system with reliable action, long service life and small hydraulic impact for hydraulic control system to reduce the linking pipeline and leaking points; using the electrical system controlled by imported PLC, compact in structure, sensitive and reliable in work and easy for use and maintenance. It has three operating methods of Adjusting, Manual and Semi-automatic and two forming technology specifications of Constant Stroke and Constant Pressure. The floor beam is equipped with hydraulic cushion, which can achieve three operating cycles, namely, ejection, no ejection and blank pressing for hydraulic cushion.


Applicable fields:

This series of hydraulic presses apply to drawing, bending, molding, blanking, flanging and other various sheet metal forming technologies, especially for the following fields: ● Auto Parts ● Household Appliances ● Kitchen Utensils

● Others: tractors, motorcycles, aerospace and aviation.


Optional accessories:

● Movable Operating Platform    ● Blanking Buffer Device    ● Light Curtain Safety Protection Device   ● Oil Cooling Device

● Displacement Sensing Device    ● Touch Industrial Display    ● Material Ramming Device (Hydraulic or Mechanical)

●Quick Fie Clamping Mechanism  ● Die Protection Device  ● Imported PLC


Structure and Operation Schematic Diagram:


CNC Operation Interface:


Technical Parameters:

Due to continuous improvement of products, it shall be subject to the parameters in technical agreements between both parties without notice in case of inconsistency between technical data of sample and actual product data.